Vintage and non-standard VIN decoder

Attempt to decode a cars VIN number (pre-alpha)

Please note, this tool is still in pre-alpha phase and is likely to remain that way as I now focus on my other VIN decoder. I decided to make this available online in case it is of use to anybody. You should try the above one first though, this one should only be used where that one fails for example for very old cars or those with a non standard VIN.

Any car since 1981 that is intended to be sold to the US market has a US standard VIN. Many manufacturers around the world use this format too but not all. For example VW have a format for european cars and a different (standard US) format for cars intended for America. Very old cars or manufacturers who have no interest in the US market will not decode using the US format so this tool is worth a try. The US tool will often give the manufacturer and possibly the year but will fail validation and not give model details. Results from this abandonned decoder will vary but it should return at least some results for BMW, VW, Ford and Mercedes Benz. Development has stopped on this tool but if there is enough interest I may consider picking it up again. It works by first splitting the VIN into its parts and then trying to decode each part. If a model is unknown you should at least be given the manufacturer code and may be able to confirm that elsewhere.

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